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Oscar Gralnick
Oscar Gralnick is a senior at Boulder High School and a writer for the Owl. He enjoys journalism because it gives him a chance to meet new people and learn about them, and to leave a personal legacy enshrined at Boulder High. Through the Owl, Oscar wants to spread the truth and enlarge students’ knowledge of the goings on at Boulder High. He enjoys creating interesting content for people to enjoy, and wants to find exciting stories to enrich the lives of his fellow students. Oscar also wants to take a closer look at the activities of the school administration, and uncover the truth—is it injustice and power abuse, or safe policies with the good of the students in mind? One of his inspirations to do this is Tupac Shakur, a man who came from poverty and through his own hard work and talent rose up into fame and challenged the system, a path that Oscar respects and intends to emulate. Oscar is inspired by art, including music, poetry, paintings, movies, as well as spending time in the wilderness. When he’s not in school or writing stories for the owl, Oscar enjoys rock climbing, (ping) pong, and painting. Oscar enjoys purple grapes.

Oscar Gralnick, Writer

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