Joseph Mulligan
Joe Mulligan can often be found escaping the irritable behavior of his peers by diving deep into a good book or exploring his own existence through writing. However, when he can tolerate them, Joe can be found driving around the city or relaxing by the creek with his friends. While he isn't often inspired by the world we live in today, he does draw inspiration from authors such as Peter Kropotkin and other academics who, through their writing, have helped spark revolutionary discussions and provide interesting and relevant information to the public. By joining The Owl, Joe hopes to begin to accomplish a similar goal. In addition, he hopes he can provide interesting stories that will help enrich the lives of the Boulder High students and in turn contribute to our strong community of panthers. Through The Owl, Joe strives to leave a lasting imprint on the Boulder High community and to continue to affect the school even after he graduates. Though Joe isn't enthusiastic about much in this world, he does enjoy the taste, texture, and color of green grapes. 

Joseph Mulligan, Copy Editor

Jan 07, 2020
When Do the Holidays Really Begin? (Story)
Sep 15, 2019
Depth of Conspiracy: The Case of Jeffrey Epstein (Story)
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