Gavriel Mulligan
Gavriel's interest in The Owl this year stems from her belief that, in this day and age, the pursuit of minimally-biased news is more critical than ever, and she intends to bring this passion for honest reporting to the paper this year as Editor-in-Chief. One of her biggest hopes is to lead the paper to greater heights of journalistic accomplishment and to support each staff member in honing their craft. Her vision is to bring stories to the school paper that truly resonate with the readers and sing the unsung tales of Boulder High. She is inspired most by the people around her, who motivate her to connect with the community and inspire her to improve herself both as a journalist and a human being. In her free time, Gavriel does her best to find beauty in the world, dabbling in painting and immersing herself in nature as much as possible. She also adores her many wonderful friends, but gets tired very easily and has been known to frequently tell little white lies to escape social activities and go home early to sleep. As for her opinion on the green versus purple grapes controversy, Gavriel would like to spread the gospel that cotton candy grapes are actually the most superior strain of grape. Their sweet and mild flavor is a delight to the palate that should be experienced by everyone at least once, in her humble opinion.

Gavriel Mulligan, Editor-in-Chief

Sep 16, 2019
Panthers at Pridefest (Story)
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