Eleanore Hoffmeyer
Eleanore Hoffmeyer has always admired journalism for its ability to connect the reader and writer to the world around them and allows for them to engage in different perspective. While working as a writer for the OWL, she hopes to further develop her writing and learn about different people, cultures, and stories.

When she's not writing, she keeps herself busy zipping around Boulder. She loves to spend time by the pool, whether that be swimming, hanging with friends, lifeguarding, or tanning. Remarkably, even with all that time spent outside and out in nature, Eleanore says she's never been stung by a bee. Or broken a bone. She says they're her two greatest accomplishments and a quirky thing about her. It's a personal goal for her to go through her whole life without experiencing the two incidents above. In fact, it's goals like these that inspire her and motivate her. Besides her goals inspiring her, she looks up to leaders in her world today, especially people who are willing to put their differences aside and work together for a better role. Often, she finds these people though journalism, and that's partially what inspired her to join the OWL.

As for the grapes? She considers herself a green grape kinda gal.

Eleanore Hoffmeyer, Writer

Sep 15, 2019
A Beginner’s Guild to Being Politically Active as a Teen (Story)
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