Alexa Dembo
Lex, a sophomore at Boulder High this year, is already challenging herself with all advanced classes. She is very dedicated to the activities she pursues and gives her all to achieve her goals. When she’s not studying or learning new material, she is exploring both athletics and creativity, squeezing in swim and theater on the side. Lex loves laying around with her yellow python, Spencer, and dreaming of attending an Ivy League after graduating high school. She is incredibly driven and passionate about all aspects of her life and is inspired by the ideas of Bernie Sanders and those who have succeeded before her. She anticipates the day when Sanders will lead the government to share research on extraterrestrial life and, of course, lower college expenses. This year, she chose to participate in The Owl in hopes of improving her skills in writing, both in general and in a journalistic style. She is looking forward to interacting with both her fellow writers and many of the Boulder High students this year and eventually impacting their lives within the school through articles and stories written about the activity of the school. Most importantly though, Lex defends her love of green grapes over purple grapes, preferring the more tart, sour taste over sweet.

Alexa Dembo, Writer

Oct 15, 2019
Mario Kart Tour: a Game-Changer or a Game in Need of Change? (Story)
Sep 13, 2019
The Lawful Return of Mom Jeans (Story)
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