Takin’ Care of Yo’self


Ella Schrader

As teenagers, emotions can be a struggle to control. Waves where we feel unmotivated or upset can wash over with no explanation why, and with finals week just around the corner, it’s important that we learn how to keep our emotions in check. Self care is an important skill to learn before we set out on our own, and there are many ways we can practice it. While some methods may be more helpful than others, they’re important to have available. Building a balanced schedule is important to one’s personal wellbeing, it may be beneficial to develop some consistency in study and sleeping prior to finals week.

Methods of self care top 10:

10) Do whatever makes you laugh

09) Listen to music, play music, sing, etc. Listening to music can help to relax before delving into study, and listening to lyricless work while studying can help the mind focus.

08) Clean room, home, workspace, etc. Having a clean workspace helps gain a clear mind to focus on work. Organizing can also serve as relaxing for some individuals.

07) Take a shower/bath.

06) Eat healthy food. Healthy food like fruits and vegetables is fuel for the body and mind, and will help you avoid physical burnout throughout finals week while being in an active headspace while studying. Drinks like green tea are also very beneficial.

05) Do an activity/sport you find flow in. Flow is the ability to accomplish a task with little to no effort or thought put in, you can do it while drifting off or daydreaming. This can serve as a form of meditation, and is a good way to destress or reset.

04) Take a nap. Sometimes the best thing to do to prepare is to sleep. If your body is telling you that it is burnt out, it is best to listen to it.

03) Surround yourself with positive people/friends and family, people you feel relaxed around. We naturally mimic the behavior we are exposed to, make sure you surround yourself with positivity.

02) Get’er done. Do the work early so you can come prepared, this will help prevent stress on the day of the test, and will make preparation itself easier to manage. Procrastination can be self sabotaging, and it’s best to try to get in a headspace where you can buckle down and get the work done as early as possible. College applications are no small job either, and regardless of how far the applications are for you, its best to prepare early. A good way to come prepared for applications is to write a list in order of the application deadlines you are shooting for, and keep in contact with the admissions office as you progress.

01) Practice mindfulness (i.e. meditate, see beneficial applications listed below)

Great meditation apps for teens:

  • Calm (free)
  • Headspace (free 30 day trial)
  • Aura (free)
  • Stop, Breath and think (free)
  • Smiling Mind (free)
  • MindShift (free)
  • Insight Timer (free)

It is best to use these apps on a daily basis if possible and keep the time consistent. Take care of yourself these next two weeks and don’t stress out, find a consistent schedule and remember that self care is crucial to succeeding in finals, applications, and life as a whole.