Does Voting Make a Difference & Why


After this past mid-term election, we wanted to know the students’ thoughts on if voting is important and why? I walked around the school finding people to talk to and recorded their thoughts.

First up was Sophomore Xavier Bell. He said that it was absolutely important because if no one votes then they cannot get their point across.

Sophomore Xavier Bell

Second was Sophomore Alex Sutherland. He said that, “It is very important because you will have an accurate representation of what the people want, and that is the backbone of our democracy.”

Sophomore Alex Sutherland


Last was Freshman Max Samsel. He said that “Voting is important because it tells people that other people want the same thing as you.”

Freshman Max Samsel

Overall, I think that the general consensus was that voting is important, and that without it our government would not be what it is right now. After interviewing all of these people, I started wondering why if they said that voting was important does only half the country actually vote? Maybe part of it is the fact that I only interviewed people from one generation. Maybe the people that are currently voting have a different view?