Shirtless Runner Punches a Student’s Car


Charlie Martin

A Shirtless Man Punched a car window while running with his dog on January 27th, 2022

On Thursday, January 27th, 2022, Boulder High Student Charlie Martin ‘22 was driving with Ben Centeno ‘22 and Jackson Wood ‘22, when at the intersection of Broadway and Spruce, a shirtless man running in the middle of the snowstorm punched one of the windows. “I heard a loud bang in the back and my two friends got out and ran toward it,” Says Martin. He reports that there was shattered glass in the back and a broken window that needed to be replaced. 

According to Charlie Martin, he stayed in the car and called 911 while Centeno and Wood went off to chase the suspect. He says that they also had the Police on the phone as they were running. The Police were soon dispatched to check out what they described in the report as “a disturbance” or “criminal mischief,” and to help find the person who had caused the disturbance. According to the Police Report, they soon identified the suspect as Kyle Walker after questioning him and the three students. 

According to Martin, Walker did not have the right of way and had the red hand symbol signaling to not cross. Also, he says he had a green turn arrow, yet Walker still managed to cross the street anyway and punch the rear car window. Centeno states in the Police Report that when he looked into the side mirror, he saw Walker stop by the car, raise his hands by his side and punch the window. 

Walker had a different story, as he reports that he did have the right of way. He reports that he was running across the street with a walk symbol and had to suddenly stop himself so he did not run into the car, causing him to “accidentally” punch the car window. 

Other evidence shows that this is not true, though, as the police got a third call regarding the incident from James Gottlieb, who was a witness to the situation when it initially happened, as well as another report of an incident with the same shirtless man. The Police Report that a young man at the bus stop said that Walker had punched his mom’s back window as they were driving to the stop, but did not have success in breaking it. 

The Boulder Police caught Kyle Walker 15 minutes after the incident according to Martin, and he is now expected to show up in court on March 1st, 2022. Right now, he is not being held in custody and will be “free” until the trial, although he was issued a ticket for criminal mischief along with the court trial. The Police report says that they offered to take him to the Hospital and an Ambulance showed up due to Walker’s profusely bleeding hand, but he refused to go and was driven home. He is safe now, along with everyone involved in the incident.