Don’t Come Alone


Boulder High’s Homecoming is on September 18th, and coming by yourself is not recommended.

I’m sure that many students at Boulder High are excited about Homecoming: a fun night with your friends, full of song and dance, a night to have fun. I’m sure that many will decide to come by themselves, thinking they’ll meet up with their friends at the event. I’m here to warn you right now, do not make that mistake. Try to meet up with a friend or friend group before you come and come to the event together. Coming by yourself generally means a night of third-wheeling and awkward moments, which I’m sure most teens want to avoid. But if you want a night to yourself to dance and have fun, coming by yourself is an excellent way to do that. 

Coming to Homecoming with other people is so important because it helps you stick to that one person or group you came with. If you come to the school with a group or person, you’ll be part of that group for the whole night. Then, as the night grows weary and kids start to separate into their lots, you’ll have yours.  The trip to the school with that group of people solidifies a bond that will last the whole night and keep you from being excluded. As cruel as it is, that’s how teenagers work. You have to take action early to pre-determine your place in a group. 

But this doesn’t mean that coming by yourself means that you’re doomed for a night of boredom. Homecoming is still a night of dance and song, an excellent opportunity to let loose and give in to the chaos. There is a real sense of unity at Homecoming, as everyone in that massive crowd bobs up and down in an enormous wave to the beat of whatever song is playing. I highly recommend coming regardless of whether it’s by yourself or with others. Still, I also encourage coming with friends because sharing that hectic night with others is something you may remember for a long, long time.