Zander Christoff and Post-PTV Fame


Amara Uvalle-Ordonez

Since his departure from PTV, former BHS student Zander Christoff (right) has been keeping busy with his role as guitarist and vocalist in local bands the Night Shift and Tanguel. Here, he performs with fellow Night Shift member Zach Dhaliwal (left).

Sarah Gasta, Staff Writer

Zander Christoff is a former student at Boulder High School. He worked and starred in videos for PTV with his friends. His main goals were to create something people could look forward to in PTV and to find personal happiness in creating content.

I interviewed Christoff and questioned him about his post-PTV fame. I asked him how he came up with the scenes for the videos and if he got any recognition at school. “Scenes were usually just thought up after the idea for the sketch was made up, we’d just kind of sit there and ask ourselves, ‘Hmm what’s funny?’ Only a few loose things would be written down and the rest would be on spot.” Christoff said he got little recognition from the teachers and students besides someone occasionally complaining that he didn’t add their horoscope in his “Horoscope with Kennedy Lavender” video series. 

“I wouldn’t even consider it fame. I went pretty unnoticed for all of high school. But since then I’ve just been making music in my two bands, The Night Shift and Tanguel, and holding down a job.”  Zander misses being in PTV more than anything. He said it was the best feeling ever, knowing he could make videos that people enjoyed and viewed in school, and he would love to do it again.

Photo courtesy of Ryan Patrick Gerra
The crew from the Night Shift pose for a photo in nature. From left to right, Sam MacCarthy, Zach Dhaliwal, Josh Pesmen, Zander Christoff

Christoff said he made some friends through PTV, and even though he does not attend the school anymore, the friends he made are still very close. “One of my best friends, Tyg, who’s still in the class, is in one of my bands [Tanguel] right now. I wouldn’t have met him without PTV, and I’m super grateful for that. I’m still friends with him to this day. I’ve become distant with other friends that I had already known since before the class, but Tyg has stuck around. God bless Tyg.” 

The former Boulder High student wishes he could still be in PTV. “I would absolutely do it again. That class was the most important thing that happened to me senior year.” PTV meant a lot to Zander, and he has gained many memorable moments in the class. “I truly felt like I had a class I could be free in due to the loose nature and format. Unhinged creation is my thing, man. Bellissimo.” said Christoff.