Classic Movie Reviews—The Notebook

Brenna Wright, Staff Writer

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First becoming popular as the 1996 novel by Nicholas Sparks, the story of The Notebook has pulled at the heartstrings of many since its release. The timeless love story is highly praised by a variety of audiences, and it even came to be a large part of pop culture. The plot navigates the love story between Allie and Noah by jumping between the couple’s old age and youth. I enjoyed the change in time period and the structure it gave the film. Through a sweet (if extremely predictable) journey, Allie’s heart is torn between a wealthy man and the man she loves. I found this concept pretty tacky and barely heart-warming, as it goes with many romantic comedies. The characters were developed enough that the reader felt familiar with them, but in my opinion, their characterizations could have been explored more. The ending of the movie was a risky move by the filmmakers, but it summed up the story perfectly, revealing the “power of true love.” The Notebook, while a classic, is nothing out of the ordinary for its genre, which is probably why I felt so underwhelmed.