Highlights From The 2019 Music Showcase

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Highlights From The 2019 Music Showcase

Akasha Brahmbhatt

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Full Orchestra

Orchestra 2

Jazz 3 Band

Concert Choir


High Altitude

Orchestra and Band

On September 18th, 2019 Boulder High School had its annual Music Showcase. Fourteen music ensembles each performed a short piece that was about 10 minutes long, showcasing what every group has been working on since the beginning of the school year. Boulder High School has multiple different opportunities for students to partake in music. There are three choirs: Concert Choir, which is a non-audition choir, and Aria and High Altitude, which are both audition-based. For those who prefer the instrumental route, there are multiple orchestras, including Orchestra 1- 3, and Chamber Orchestra, along with many band groups that include three levels of Jazz and a few Wind Ensembles. All of these groups are filled with amazing, talented students who contribute so much to the Boulder High music community.