15 Minutes of Name


Elijah flexes while showing off his hilarious jersey name.

Brenna Wright, Writer

As purple and gold beads come out from hiding, spirit gear becomes everyday wear, and throats become sore from screaming at opposing teamssenior season has begun. The games have commenced, school spirit is high, and Team Rowdy is loud. 

One source of entertainment this time of year is admiring the self-selected names on the backs of seniors’ jerseys and determine their true meaning. Let’s shed some light on a few select seniors and discover the meaning of their Team Rowdy names.


Real Name: Louis King

Rowdy Name: KING LOUIS

Louis King, his name couldn’t have been more organic. His last name is King which is naturally awesome. Not to mention, King Louis XIV was a real king in France in the seventeenth century. Keep reigning King Louis!

the back of a basketball jersey reading "king louis"
Louis King wearing his Team Rowdy basketball jersey.

Real Name: Bishal Ellison

Bishal Ellison decided to go the sassy route with his Team Rowdy name. Because his name includes the letters B-I-S-H he was drawn to the popular slang term “bi***, please” but decided to keep it clean and incorporate his own name.

Bishal looking dramatically at the camera
Bishal Ellison, jersey not pictured.

Real Name: Elijah Boykoff


While this abstract name may make no sense to some, it’s quite funny once understood. The first half of Elijah’s last name is “boy”, which is where he gets “girl”. The second half of his last name is “koff” phonetically sounding like “cough” which is similar to sneeze. Clever wordplay, Elijah!

Elijah flexes while showing off his hilarious jersey name, "GIRLSNEEZE"
Elijah flexes while showing off his hilarious jersey name.

Real Name: Dorsey Chatham

Rowdy Name: DBRO_9

Dorsey Chatham chose this unique name for a couple of reasons. Firstly, he is BIG on video games, and dbro_9 has been his gamer tag since middle school. Because of this reason, “D-bro” has also developed into a popular nickname, particularly with his baseball teammates. Great choice, Dorsey!

Dorsey menacingly stares down the camera.
Dorsey, a proud and rowdy Boulder High Panther.

Real Name: Hannah Peterson

Rowdy Name: YOPOOMO

Hannah Peterson’s chosen nickname came about in a strange way. About a year ago, Hannah picked up the habit of saying “YOLO” constantly. She was leaving her house one day and said “YOLO” to her stepdad, to which he paused for a moment and then replied “YOPOOMO!” Leaving Hannah visibly confused, he explained, “You only pop out of ya mother once”. Since then, “YOLO” was deserted and the rest is history.

Hannah Peterson and Zoe Kang embrace outside Boulder High, decked in spirit gear
Hannah, pictured here in her jersey alongside fellow senior Zoe Kang.

Real Name: Saúl Escobar

Rowdy Name: ESCOBART

This particular rowdy name is a funny memory that isn’t solely specific to Saúl Escobar. A few years ago, he was scrolling through Instagram and saw a meme of Bart Simpson dressed as Pablo Escobar, and at the bottom, it read “Escobart.” That meme must’ve really spoken to him, as he’s been using the nickname ever since.

Saul holds up his "ESCOBART" jersey in the senior lot.
Saul confidently displays his “ESCOBART” jersey.

Real Name: Ana Mestas

Rowdy Name: THOTIANA

Ana Mestas chose this nickname to represent her for various reasons. The first and most obvious being that the last three letters of it are her first name, Ana. Additionally, this popular slang term originates from the song “Thotiana” by the artist Blueface. Ana says that she really resonates with the song, and it is one of her favorites.

Ana wearing her jersey and purple and gold beads.
Ana, pictured in spirit gear and her jersey before a game.

Hopefully, now these Team Rowdy names will be recognized and admired by the greater BHS community. Hopefully, they will now be recognized at BHS events and praised for their creativity. Never forget to support the Panthers loudly and respectfully, and most importantly, SKO ‘THERS.